This is my first experience with writing a blog as well as taking an online course. I think I am connected somehow to the digital age as I used social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. At the same time, I feel that the direct communication (traditional way such as classrooms) fits my personality better. I am more a visual person. I like to talk, listen, discuss and ask question during the classes. I am more social and outgoing person. Therefore, I find it very hard so far to communicate with others through online courses. I think the digital communication channels can never replace the direct (face-to-face) communication. I think the traditional classroom is the best way to learn, however, digital communication or classrooms could be a solution for those who cannot come to the classroom and more practical. I can say that it is more efficient but not very effective as the traditional classes. At the same time, the deep and long relations between the participants are hard to establish through digital communication or classrooms.

I think digital literacy is important to catch up with the changes in the modern education and not to be left behind. I consider myself somewhere between literate and illiterate digitally as I know about it but I am limited. I am learning more day after day and I wish this course (ONL 162) would help me to do so. I think it will help me in my future career when I teach. I am using some online course such as to educated myself and get knowledge in my area of interest such as learning the procedures of conducting a scientific research. 

Regarding ONL 162 course, It was a lot of confusions in the first week. It took some time to get used to the different communication channels in the course and to get to communicate with other participants. I am trying to adapt to the digital way of learning. For me it is similar to traveling to other countries and trying to adapt to the new culture there. As we experience resistance to the digital way of learning in the beginning, and want to go to our comfort zone which is the traditional way of learning and classroom. Then after we break the codes, know how it works, and see the positive part of it, we like it and we want to stuck to it. I am waiting to reach that point where I feel comfortable to use it and know more about it. I am sure I will be there at the end.





3 thoughts on “Topic 1, ONL 162 course

  1. Hi Aziza,

    I agree with you on that online-learning can never fully replace Face-to-face learning.
    One thing I found specially interesting was when you wrote: “I like to talk, listen, discuss and ask question during the classes.” And specially the word “during”. Because I think one problem with online-learning today is that in-code much of the material by your self. And the social part is more about administrating work. It´s rarely that we solve or fix problems online and live!
    How do you think we could do this? So we not only “post”-collaborate online.




    1. Hi Marcus,

      Many thanks for your comments. I think you raise a very interesting point and it is really hard to solve this issue. I find the online course much more formal than traditional classroom courses. Difficult to create the social part as we don’t know each other before and we meet as a group and we look at each other face to face, we even look at ourselves in the screen:) Difficult to create ice-break activity online to get the people know each other and feel comfortable to dead with each other. It is really difficult to get to know people personalities or character online, much easier face to face! One way could be to create extra task where people choose a partner (group of 2 people) for each topic, then it is easier to call or meet often and get to know each other more. But I think the social part and strong relationship with participants are still missing in the online courses. If we solve that issue, it will be much easier to work with people in the group.



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